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The IST is an historical research and training institute integrated into the University of Applied Sciences of the Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), engaged in activities closely related to the territory and the environment, and their respective features.

As the names of the different research divisions suggests, the studies conducted at the IST are very different but, despite that, they all maintain a common area of interest.

The flexibility and interdisciplinarity are some of the most exciting features that you can find at IST.

In its multiplicity of views, the IST is also characterized by the willingness to get a correct balance between regional and international dimension. In fact, for historical and geographical reasons, the Ticino has always been a land where different languages and cultures, typical of Switzerland and Italy, have meet each others.

All researches make use of valuable collaborations with universities and other research institutions, in fact often the IST developed projects belong to international programs that involve many actors.

The concept of "applied research" is also a distinguish philosophy at the IST.

Whether it is the development of new courses for teaching or it is the provision of services, the final aim of the IST remains the practical applicability and the intention to ensure, as far as possible, a sustainable development.


Projects undertaken at IST are the results of the work of teachers, technicians and qualified collaborators. Here is a group photo of the IST team.

Standing in the 2nd row, from left to right:
Stefano Rioggi, Moreno Baruffini, Sergio De Bernardi, Sebastian Pera, Giorgio Salvadè, Marina Dalle Fusine, Cristina Kopreinig Guzzi, Andrea Graf, Manfred Thüring, Silvio Seno, Ilaria Ambrosetti, Stefano Beatrizotti, Marcus Hoffmann, Maurizio Pozzoni, Jürg Hammer e Manuel Lüscher.
Standing in the 1st row, from left to right:
Mirko Baruffini, Massimiliano Cannata, Christian Ambrosi, Alessio Spataro e Massimo Sargenti.